Get $150 Cash Back AND Pay No Money Out of Pocket!

Many auto insurance policies in Arizona include zero deductible glass coverage. This means your insurance company will pay for a new windshield every 2 years. We are approved by all major insurance companies and can work directly with them to replace your damaged windshield and make sure you pay no money out of pocket.

How Our Cash Back Offer Works

1. The first step is to contact one of our customer service representatives at 480-889-8620 to start the insurance claim and schedule your service appointment.

Our customer service department is open from 7AM to 7PM Monday through Saturday. Technicians are available to come service your vehicle every day of the week including Sundays.

2. Our technician will replace your old windshield with a brand new OEM-quality windshield.

3. Once the insurance claim is processed by your auto insurance company, we will be paid directly by them. This means your new windshield will cost you nothing out of pocket!

4. Within 14 business days after replacing your windshield, we will send you a check for $150.

This is everything that you need to do! There is no catch and nothing else that you need to do. To recap, our technician comes out to where your vehicle is, replaces your old windshield with a new one, and your insurance company pays for the windshield. After that, you receive a check for $150 from us. Yes - it really is that simple to get our cash back offer!

Cash Back Offer Restrictions

1. Offer is only good for windshield replacements paid for by your auto insurance provider.

2. Offer is not good for any glass components paid for in cash, or any non-windshield replacement services paid for by your auto insurance provider.

For customers who'd like to pay for their glass service with cash, we offer low prices and can give you a quote over the phone. Please contact one of our customer service representatives at 480-889-8620 for a quote today.